About Us

Bill and Lori Smith met while attending Pensacola Christian College. They married in 1985 and have 6 children: Rachel, Rebecca, Ruthann, Andrew, Amotowe, and Aaron.

Bill grew up with his parents as missionaries in Papua New Guinea with Ethnos 360 formerly known as New Tribes Mission. He trusted Jesus as Savior in 1968  while living near Philadelphia, PA.  Bill has a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education and  a Master's Degree in Biblical Studies. 

Lori grew up with her parents in Rochester, NY, serving at Website Bible Church. Lori trusted Jesus as Savior in  1973 Lori has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Nursing from Pensacola Christian College.

Bill and Lori Smith are missionaries in Goroka, Papua New Guinea. Bill's focus is the Goroka Baptist Bible College, and Lori's is providing nursing care at the SEIGU Medical Clinic.   All of our ministries work together to plant Churches both locally and to train others to do so through the Bible College.



Our Family